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The Master Keys of Success

To help you create and attract more money, financial freedom, time freedom,
better relationships, better health,
and to have more fun, freedom and fulfillment in your life.

To help you manifest your dreams and desires into physical reality,
so that you can be, do or have whatever you want in your life.

Master Keys of Success #6
Daily Success Ritual Series


The Master Keys of Success & Freedom

Are you sick & tired of struggling financially?

Do you want more Money, Fun
& Freedom in your life?

Learn how to create whatever you want in your life with my

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"The Master Keys of Success & Freedom"

To help you consciously create
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Audios from my FREE Book and Video Series
The Top 10 Secrets of Success
& The Law of

To Manifest your Dreams and Desires into Physical Reality


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from ZaKaiRan

Are You a YES Person?

Are you a YES person? Are you the kind of person who lives life courageously by saying YES to the wonders, beauty and challenges of life, to milk as much joy, clarity and growth out of life as possible?

Do you say YES to what you like, love and appreciate to create more of those things in your life? Or, are you a NO person, living your life primarily in a state of fear and saying NO NO NO to everything you dislike, don't like and don't want, which only creates more of those things in your life?

Well, if you're tired of struggling in life on so many levels, and you would like to create a life of Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment, then enjoy this podcast

Your Greatest Point of Power

Your greatest point of power is to realize that you create every nano second of your life!  Your greatest point of power is to realize that you are an immensely powerful creator of reality, and you are free to be, do and have whatever you want in life.  And Source/God/the Entire Universe, wants you to achieve your dreams and desires!

Open the Gates to Let the Blessings Flow In

with Meditation

The priceless benefits of meditation and other daily success rituals to open the gates of abundance, to allow: inspiration, and ideas, and guidance, and clarity... And allow yourself to experience your natural states of love, compassion, generosity, confidence, abundance, well-being...  And allow the universe to line up the cooperative elements needed for the manifestation of your hopes, dreams and desires into physical reality.

Preparing your Vibration for Action

Your life can become so much easier and more abundant as soon as you learn how to prepare your vibration first before you take action towards achieving your desires, rather than taking desperate inefficient action to get yourself out a rut!  Learn to focus on what you want,
rather than trying to get rid of what you don’t want. 

The Top 10 Dreams of Humanity

You have come to this earth to be a dreamer, and enjoy the deliciousness of your desires for improvement, because desire is your natural state of being as a creator.  And you are here to create those dreams and desires into physical reality and have fun doing it!  What are you top 3 Dreams that you wish to create in your life?

Passive Income - The Key to Financial Freedom

The absolute master key to achieving financial freedom is to have a ‘cash cow’, a business that has a life of its own that provides income every week, month and year, whether you are working or not!  This is the key that all wealthy and successful people understand that provides the greatest gift of all – time freedom!

Top 10 Secrets to Create Success & Abundance

The Top 10 Secrets to Create Abundance, Wealth, Success and Well-Being in your Life! 
Empowering keys of success to keep you in tip top mental and financial fitness! 
And train your mind and emotions for happiness and success!

Be the Person Who Has What You Want

In order to manifest anything, you want into physical reality, you’ve got to be that desire! 

You’ve got to feel that desire, and vibrate that desire and become that desire into physical reality! 

And you’ve got to model people who have what you want and who have been where you are!

Why Networking Marketing?

Why Join a Networking Marketing Company?

And why are people afraid of network marketing?

Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most influential success and business influencers, speakers and authors on earth, writer of the classic success book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, as well as countless other influential success and business authors and speakers, believe that the Network Marketing Industry is absolutely the business of the 21st Century!  And Robert Kiyosaki has written a book by that same name!  Network Marketing is one of the few businesses on planet earth that literally anyone can get involved with, regardless of their education or income level, and with the proper mindset, and with persistency and consistency, build a thriving residual passive income business and achieve financial freedom!

But most people have not been trained with an entrepreneurial mentality.  Most people have been trained to trade hours for dollars.  And most people have not been trained to believe in themselves and believe that they can achieve freedom.  But with the right Network Marketing business, and the right training and support, and with a high degree of self-belief, anyone can achieve the financial freedom they desire in this industry!

Your Purpose in Life is JOY!

The purpose of life is joy and you came to this planet for the joy of creating your desires into physical reality and to revel in your amazing power as a creator!  And the Basis of Life is Freedom! 
And you have the complete freedom and power to be, do and have whatever you want in your life!


You are Awesome!  You are Magnificent!  You are Amazing!  You are a Miracle!  
You are Perfect exactly the way you are!  You are Awesome!  You can do it! 
You can Be, Do and Have whatever you want in your life! 
You can make your Dreams come true!!! 
Your Wish is Your Command!

The 2nd Sure-Fire Get Rich Scheme

In my first podcast "The Only Sure-Fire Get-Rich-Quick Scheme", I talked about the number 1 sure-fire get rich quick scheme, which is personal development!  Because every action you take towards your personal development, you become instantly richer.

And the 2nd Sure-Fire Get Rich Scheme is: provide massive value for the improvement of people’s lives!  And the more joy, abundance, upliftment and value you can provide for more people, the happier you will be and the richer you will get!

The Path of Joy and Freedom

Our mission in life is Joy & Freedom!  We are here for the joy and fun of creation! 
We are creators here to enjoy the adventure of creating our dreams and desires into physical reality! 
And when you stay focused on that path, on the joyful mission of creation,
you can lead a truly joyful and fulfilling life!

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Feel Good Instantly!

5 Sure-Fire techniques to feel good now, regardless of external circumstances and regardless if you have what you want or not.  Because the key to manifesting your desires into physical reality is to get happy first!  Because you don’t have any control over external circumstances.  The only creative control you have is your own emotional state, and the only way to manifest what you want in your life, is to get happy now, because you can’t have a happy result from an unhappy journey!

Telling Your New Story - to Create What You Want!
Video #1

How to create what you want by telling a new story! 
How to tell a new story to manifest your dreams and desires into physical reality. 

If you keep telling your old story of lack and woe, you’ll keep creating more lack and woe! 

But if you start telling a new story of abundance and well-being,
then you will attract abundance and well-being into your life!

How To Truly Love Yourself

Learn how to love yourself unconditionally so you can have a truly joyful, abundant, loving and miraculous life! And learn how to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires into physical reality, by choosing to be happy first, rather than letting the conditions of your life determine if you're going to be happy or not. Enjoy my podcast and Make Life a Holiday!

Clarity is King

Clarity! Get clear about what you want and why you want it and you will make your dreams come true!

Perhaps the most important key of success that all wealthy & successful people have in abundance is CLARITY! Successful people are very clear about what they want and why they want it. And that gives them the confidence to create their dreams into physical reality. Clarity means being self-guided by your dreams and not allowing yourself to be distracted by what other people want you to do so they will feel better. Clarity is about focusing on your happiness first, then you have the freedom, they money, the power, the energy and the vitality to help others. But until you have that clarity and that "selfish" focus, you will have nothing to give anyone. So, enjoy my video/podcast - "Clarity is King!"

Common Traits of Successful & Unsuccessful People

How to become financially free by following people who are financially free and happy,
not following people who are struggling financially in life and are unhappy!

If you want more fun, freedom and fulfillment in your life, then use these success traits as a way to guide yourself to achieve your dreams and desires

The Questions are the Answers
How to Empower your Life by Asking Yourself the Right Questions

The quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself!
Train yourself to ask empowering questions to empower your life,
rather than disempowering ones that disempower your life. 
Ask yourself the right questions to become a master of solutions rather than a master of problems!

The Only Sure-Fire Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

The only sure-fire get-rich-quick scheme is to invest in yourself!  To spend money and time on personal development and educating yourself about the master keys of success, the keys of success that other rich and successful people have used to become financially free and to have the most coveted gift of them all – time freedom!  Because without time freedom, in my opinion, you’re not really free, I don’t care how much money you have in the bank. 
So, enjoy my podcast on how to get rich instantly by investing in yourself!

Question Reality

Or, Reality isn’t what you think it is!

Or, Reality isn’t really real…

Your current reality is not really "current" reality! Your dreams and desires - what you want to be, do and have in your life - that is your 'real' current reality!

If you want to succeed in life and experience a life of fulfillment, you're going to have to learn how to focus your attention upon your dreams and desires, to first of all - be happy. Because the only reason you want anything is because you believe you will feel better having it.

So, to get what you want, you've got to feel good first! Then you will manifest what you want. But if you try to manifest what you want in order to feel good, your dreams and desires will allude you!


Regardless of how life appears, you are a winner!  Whether it feels like you’re winning or not, you’re a winner!  You were born a winner with the freedom and the power to create anything that you desire to create in your life!  And regardless of how many dreams and desires you have created or have not yet created – you are winner, because you are in your own race, and your only competition is yourself!  And you are either green and growing because you are learning and embracing the journey of creation… Or, you are brown and rotting, because you’re blaming everyone else for your misfortune!

So, this video/podcast is to remind you that you are a winner and you can be, do and have whatever you want in your life!  You are a champion and you can never fail and you can never get anything wrong, because there are no failures!  There are only temporary outcomes, and life is always improving and evolving, because that is the nature of this universe!  This is a universe of Well-Being and Abundance!

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

So help me God!

How to create a completely happy, healthy and wealthy life of complete joy and freedom!

The “Truth and Nothing but the Truth” is an expose of why people lie and make excuses about why they can’t achieve their dreams and desires.  And why most people repress and deny those dreams and desires and settle for mediocrity, to maintain the favor of other people.  To maintain the fickle “love” that people dish out conditionally based on if you are acting in ways that please them or not.  And how you can become imminently self-empowered to create for yourself a completely happy, healthy and wealthy life of complete joy and freedom!

How to Get Rich & Have Fun Doing it

The Power of Joy & the Leverage of Value

The only real way to get rich, which is to experience the most fulfillment, is to have fun first!  You don’t get rich so you can have fun, you have fun so you can grow into the kind of person who is vibrationally rich, then you naturally become financially rich!  And the most powerful leverage tool you have in order to ensure your financial freedom, is to provide an immense amount of value to improve the quality of people’s lives!  The people, products and companies that provide the most value and joy in people’s lives are the ones who will always get the richest and who will always experience the most joy, freedom and fulfillment!

Goals & Dreams
How to Turn your Dreams & Desires into Physical Reality

The Key To Happiness

The Key to Happiness is to be happy with what you have, but be eager for more! Wanting more without appreciating what you have is just a desperate attempt to get rid of your pain. And appreciating what you have, without wanting more, is denial of your creative nature and your natural state as a creator, to create more and better and grow and expand and improve everything!

No matter how good things are, if you are connected to your creative nature, you will always want improvement. And if you're not acting on those desires for improvement, then you are not growing, but instead, you are decaying and dying, which is what most people are doing.

You can't help but desire improvement, the contrast of life ensures that! The experiences of what you dislike and don't want ensure your forward movement from a strong desire to experience the Joy of being, doing, and having what you want! And, in the immortal words of Ray Croc, founder of the Mcdonalds Corporation, "You're either green and growing, or you're ripe and rotten".

Enjoy my video!

How to Stop Struggling & Achieve the Freedom You Deserve!

How to Quickly & Easily, put yourself into the Financial Freedom side of the Cash Flow Quadrant. How to build your fortune part-time, while you are making a living full-time.

How to create a life where after 2-5 years of consistent and persistent effort, you now have passive residual income, that comes in every week, month and year, whether you are working or not,
that provides the financial freedom and the time freedom you desire and deserve!

Freedom can be yours if you make the right decisions and take the right actions,
and I'm going to show you how in this video. So, stay tuned and I will see you on the inside!

There is Only Well-Being & Abundance

There is only Well-Being & Abundance! There is no such thing as illness or disease! Lack, limitation, illness and disease are not real! There is no such 'real' thing as disease because the only thing that is 'really' real is well-being! This is a Universe of well-being, immense health and unlimited abundance! It is not a Universe of decay, illness and limitation. There is no such thing as illness, disease, there is only allowing or disallowing wellness, health, well-being, love and abundance.

This is not a Universe of assertion! It is one of inclusion and allowance. Disease does not assert itself upon people as allopathic medicine and humanity tends to believe. Everything is attracted to you based upon your vibration, based upon your thoughts and your beliefs.

The 5 Steps of Creation
The Process of Creating your Dreams into Physical Reality

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5











































































































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from ZaKaiRan

Open the Gates to Let the Blessings Flow In with Meditation

Why Networking Marketing?
Why Join a Networking Marketing Company?
And why are people afraid of network marketing?